About us

Elegant Lighting by MTM is the leading manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting fixtures in Croatia! We are proud to present our company, which stands out as a leader in the field of LED lighting in the market.

With a wide range of high-quality products and superior service, we are committed to providing energy-efficient, reliable and innovative lighting solutions.

Our company combines experience with the latest technologies to provide you with the best possible LED lighting products. Our team of experts is dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing the latest LED technologies to meet all your lighting needs. From residential spaces and commercial buildings to industrial facilities and public spaces, our products are designed to provide efficient and high-quality lighting for every situation.

One of the key advantages of our company is a wide range of products. Whether you need indoor lighting for home, outdoor lighting for the yard or industrial lighting for a large factory, we have products that will meet your needs. Our range includes LED bulbs, LED strips, LED spotlights, LED panels, LED tubes and more. All our products are made of high-quality materials and ensure durability, save energy and provide excellent light.